Edge of Desolation Trilogy

Set on the remote west coast of British Columbia, Canada, on the islands of Cortes and West Redonda. The trilogy explores the generational effects of hubris.

Norm is presently writing Book Three, Floating Island, which takes place on Cortes Island in the near future.

Book One:
Voyage of the Arrogant

A famous American outlaw - long thought dead - arrives at Seaford,a small fishing village on Cortes Island. Under an alias, he defrauds the community and soon commits a murder. This founding story, a conflation of old island legends, becomes the catalyst for the sin of arrogance to sweep through decades and churn the lives of the island characters. In the tales that follow, treasures are lost and found. The tuna clipper, Arrogant, and crew, mysteriously disappear at sea. The sons of the vanished fathers set forth on quests to discover their forbears.

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Book Two:
Sea Without Shores

In the small community of Refuge Cove on West Redonda Island a reclusive narrator, Adam, brings a mystery to light with the aid of Duende, a belligerent, but cerebral dog. Captain George Vancouver, First Nation history and myth, the discovery of a lost manuscript and a rewrite of the New Testament give context to the notion that knowledge – known by community members at an obscure level of consciousness – cannot escape revelation.

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“Norm Gibbons has done it again. Wonderfully atmospheric, Sea Without Shores plumbs the depths of the relationships between man and animal, past and present, land and sea, and, perhaps most strikingly, reader and writer. This is great storytelling by a gifted storyteller, innovative, imaginative and profound.”

Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being.

Other Works

Black & White

A new collection of very short stories, each inspired by an anonymous black and white photograph.

Author‘s note:
"These short stories came about when looking at random black and white images. Occasionally, a story leapt out.

"Dedicated to the angel who flies by whenever I need her."

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